PU - LOYALTY for Virtuemart

Create happy customers. Set the limits of the points that when a customer reaches, a virtuemart coupon is created.
pu-loyalty for virtuemart

Keep your customers happy!

  • Create limits, that when a customer reaches them he/she receives a virtuemart coupon.
  • When the points reach to the next limit, the old copon is automatically deleted and a new one is created for the customer.
  • Your site users may view their current points as well as the limits that you have set.
  • There is an option to create coupons even if the state of the order is still pending if you have not canceled it yet after a number of days (lazy merchant feature).

Sales price 70,00 €
Price / kg:
pu-loyalty for virtuemart front end
pu-loyalty for virtuemart backend menu
pu-loyalty for virtuemart backend limits
pu-loyalty for virtuemart backend couupons

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